Trainee’s Guidelines for Prophetic Meetings

In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul gives guidelines for having a gift-filled meeting. Below are some guidelines that can be profitable to the trainee and the meeting. Always remember that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. These guidelines can be used to create a safe environment where prophetic word is constantly shared.

  1. Word must be submitted to the person/s leading the meeting. They carry full discretion whether a prophetic utterance should be shared or not.
  2. A word shared must preferably be in line with what the Lord is doing and speaking already. A word should enhance the message that has already been brought.
  3. Stop speaking when your message is done. Leave some of the explanation to those presiding the meeting. Or they can ask you to explain more.
  4. The responsibility for a submitted word not being shared lies with the person presiding.
  5. Make sure the word is brought at the right timing, so that it does not break the flow of the meeting.
  6. Don’t share more than what you have submitted, unless you have secured it with the presiding leader, by some way of communication.
  7. Faithfulness produces trust and recognition in leadership.
  8. Make certain that a word should be shared, prayed in or isn’t just the Lord speaking to you personally.
  9. Rather submit a word if you are uncertain, giving the presiding leader ‘ammo’ to work with.

I hope these guidelines can help establish an environment where prophetic utterances can be integrated into the meeting of a church.