9 Guidelines on How to Give a Prophetic Word to Someone Who Has Little Prophetic Background

Some of these guidelines aren’t always applicable. They could help you to know what to keep in mind when dealing with people who have little to no prophetic background.

  1. Remember that the message that God wants the person to receive is the most important part of what you are doing there.
  2. If you can, have it written down before the time for them so they can reference it later and have clarity of what you said.
  3. Do not use words that the person may not understand
  4. Do not try to explain what the prophetic ministry is before giving a word
  5. Use language like: “I feel God is saying to you…”, “I believe the Lord wants you to know that…”, “I have a sense that Jesus wants you to know that…”
  6. Ask them whether you can share with them.
  7. Show God’s love to them in how you deal with them.
  8. There is no need to give them a course on the prophetic – that is not necessarily your mission!
  9. Ask them whether what you said made sense to them and if there is anything that you need to explain or if there are any questions.