Primary Prophetic Principle: Authority

Having a grasp of authority is essential to the prophetic ministry. It is one of the primary principles that will help us to understand how the Kingdom of God works. The rule of God is defined as a Kingdom. This implies authority that finds its seat in the throne of God.

Authority is given by a principal to an agent to act on its behalf. The principal has an agenda, but due to constraints cannot attend to all the areas that will help it to achieve its agenda. To achieve its agenda, it authorizes an agent to act on its behalf.

Authorizing an agent means that the agent receives a formal description of what exactly the principal wants the agent to do and how he wants it done. The principal will also include the means the agent requires to accomplish the principal’s purpose, if it is able to. Usually the better defined each of these are, the easier the agent can fulfill its purpose.

In the prophetic God is the principal. The agenda is contained within the salvation narrative. The formal description is contained within Scripture and the means is provided by God as Creator.

What is authority then? It is the sanction of a principal on an agent to act in its behalf.