8 Benefits of Having a Resident Prophet in Your Church

A resident prophet is different from an itinerant prophet in that they reside locally and are members of the church. Most of their work is done locally and can help excel the mission that God has given to the church. The benefits of having a resident or staff prophet are numerous. Here is a list of eight.

  1. Prophets can help to protect local congregations from spiritual attack.
  2. Their work in the local church is mostly to help with the local mission and release supernatural forces to strengthen the work.
  3. Resident prophets help to release the New Covenant blessings in your church.
  4. They can help to bring balance to the various prophetic expressions in the church.
  5. They can equip believers to function more profitably in the prophetic gifts.
  6. They can help deepen the spirituality of everyday prophetic tasks like worship and prayer meetings.
  7. These resident prophets can also help release resources and reduce community hostility towards the church.
  8. They can help to regulate prophetic operations.