How to Deal with a Spirit of Fear

Dealing with a spirit of fear becomes easier when one understands the true nature of this spirit and what most spirits try to do. The key of opposing a spirit of fear lies in identifying it for what it truly is. The spirit of fear, is not some big, scary and powerful spirit. It is of itself timid and fearful.

It is this timidity and fearfulness that it wants to impart to all who agree with it. It is afraid that its true state is discovered and laid bare. It is the smallest of the spirits, the most powerless. It wants to impart this fear and powerlessness to everyone who comes near it. The apostle John writes concerning fear that it “expects punishment.” When a spirit of fear is attacking our thoughts, its only power lies in getting us to believe this lie. The spirit itself is very fearful. Fearful of being caught out. Fearful of the Light, fearful of everything. And that is what it tries to get its victims to agree to.

But God says that the perfect Love casts out all fear. The reason the perfect love casts out fear is because the punishment of the sinner is removed (forgiven) in Christ. The perfect love of God removes the power of fear and leaves it devoid of real power. It removes the punishment that was over the unsaved man. The perfect love, which is God’s love expressed through the forgiveness that God bestows on man because of His grace and our faith, casts out the fearful thoughts.

This is what it means when the perfect love casts out fear. God’s love gives us courage and confidence for the day of judgement. Based on God’s great love, which accomplished this salvation for us, the power of fear over the lives of believers is broken.

Christ has taken the punishment of our sins on Himself. It is this truth that disarms the spirit of fear. The spirit of fear is powerless, but it operates in a great lie. As we war with this spirit, we must allow ourselves to be convinced by the love and finality of God’s great redemption through Jesus Christ.

Practically you can switch on a light. It will remind a spirit of fear that  there is a great Light and that the great Light has made His home in you. Do not allow yourself to be governed by this spirit, but remind it of who it truly is and what Christ has done for you.

The reality is that any spirit of fear is more afraid of you, than you can be of it.