Terms of Use

Terms of Use


When you reuse material from this website, it may only be used for small group training (1-9 students). If however you would like to use it on a bigger scale, please contact us for licensing. Always include a link back to www.prophetictraining.co.za and always include a link to our Facebook page in material that include in whole or modifications of work found on this page. If you are using or are using modified versions of this material in a classroom setting mention www.prophetictraining.co.za and our Facebook page at the beginning or end of your class. In the case that you use the material in any form in any type of media, you have to give credit to www.prophetictraining.co.za and our Facebook page.

You must ensure that our rights are protected by placing a “Copyright Prophetic Training – www.prophetictraining.co.za” on all material that contain in full or derivatives of the work from this website.

When using our material you acknowledge that we retain all rights to it and may change this terms of use at any time.

If you find our material helpful, please let us know at feedback@prophetictraining.co.za .

This website may contain material for which we do not own the copyright. In such a case you will have to contact the owner of the copyright to reuse their material. If you are the owner of such material and would like to remove it from our website, please contact us at copyright@prophetictraining.co.za . We do not claim ownership of any other persons work and it remains the property of the author or source.

Contact Details for Reuse and Feedback:

Re-use: copyright@prophetictraining.co.za
Feedback: feedback@prophetictraining.co.za

Refund Policy

We do not offer any refunds.