Will prophecy always come to pass?

When dealing with prophecy in our modern times it is helpful to know that prophecy is not the same as the prophecy that was recorded in Scripture. The special means with which Scripture was created is so that it is infallible in it’s original form. Today prophecy does not try to replace the Scripture. It serves other purposes. Below is a few points that will help you to place prophecy into perspective.

  1. Prophetic words only reveal a part of the whole picture
    For we know in part and we prophesy in part (1Co 13:9).
    Caution must be taken not disregarding other wise means of accomplishing a task or living your life when you have received a prophetic word. The Bible is the only infallible and complete counsel of the Lord on which you can securely base your life.Since prophecy is only in part, we need to live our lives aided with wisdom using all the means God has given us to accomplish a task: Scriptures, counsel and common sense!
  2. The fulfillment of prophetic words may haveĀ  prerequisites and/or conditions
    Prophetic words are not set in stone, but they have prerequisites for fulfillment. Establishing the prerequisites and conditions for a prophetic word to come into fulfillment is incredibly important. With the conditions unmet and preparation neglected, the prophetic word does not have any platform to manifest. There is no place in the temporal made for the word.
  3. The action you take because of a prophetic word can change the outcome
    Your actions can change the outcome of a prophetic word. The people of Nineveh acted upon the word of Jonah. Even though the prophetic word was for the judgment of Nineveh. Their response caused the judgment to come to pass in their generation (Jonah 3:5-10).Hezekiah’s response to the word of the Lord concerning his death, caused him to live another fifteen years (Is 38:1-5).