False Prophecy

This list can serve as help to discern false prophecy.

  1. Propagates false doctrine
  2. Clamors for peace on earth
  3. Calls for elimination of world hunger
  4. Proclaims the religious unity of man independent of God the Creator or the new birth (ecumenism)
  5. Exalts the flesh (humanism)
  6. Divides the flesh from the spirit (carnality)
  7. Exalts the primacy of man
  8. Defiles the worshipper
  9. Eliminates sanctification
  10. Blocks holiness
  11. Causes retreat from God
  12. Fosters carnal indulgence; appeases carnal appetites
  13. Turns to the world (secularism)
  14. Makes the flesh (humanity) its strength
  15. Leads to or culminates in, immorality, immodesty, or hedonism
  16. Is self-serving and indulgent
  17. Makes provisions for the flesh instead of God
  18. Ignites strong cosmopolitan influences
  19. Exceeds the realms and boundaries of Scriptures
  20. Ignores the cross and salvation
  21. Compromises God’s righteousness – misconstrues or otherwise diminishes or subjugates it
  22. Causes wavering and double-mindedness
  23. Diminishes or humanizes Christ’s deity (by ignoring or overriding)
  24. Dismisses the Lord’s sovereignty
  25. Conflicts with or counteracts scriptural truth
  26. Clashes with established and revealed prophecy
  27. Grieves or quenches the Holy Spirit
  28. Causes isolation from the saints
  29. Interferes with worship and service to God
  30. Condones sin; sympathizes with flesh’s whims
  31. Perverts doctrine
  32. Sparks heresy
  33. Negates the new birth – crushes the new creation
  34. Makes salvation a matter of flesh and gender
  35. Spawns greed, envy, and lust
  36. Breeds or culminates in, irresponsibility or recklessness
  37. Precludes the will and ordinations of God
  38. Coincides with, and endorses, worldly views and philosophies
  39. Empowers, exalts, and protects the devil and sin
  40. Is consistent with or closely linked to, desires, temperaments, or beliefs of the old manifestations
  41. Is impossible to find in Scripture, or to be sustained by it
  42. Fosters demonism, painting it as benevolent
  43. Shields rebels from God to prevent acknowledgment of sin, His justice, and righteous judgement.

List adapted from *Price PA PH.D. The Prophet’s Handbook 2008. p. 335