Why is Prophetic Training Important?

Prophetic Training allows us to more effectively walk out the call of God for our lives. The quicker maturity can come to the five-fold ministry, the quicker maturity can come to the church! Since there is a lot of work to be done, we can’t waste any time in getting equiped to minister in the character and power of Christ for prophetic ministry.

Today we are still struggling with the maturity oif mainly the prophetic and apostolic ministries. In many instances they are not even received as legitimate ministries or gifts of our time in the church over the world. Full maturity of the church can only come once these ministries take their mature places next to Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists.

Although most good prophetic character traits are similar to that of the normal Christian, it is necessary for the prophet to be schooled in an understanding and application of these traits. A danger exists for the prophetic type that they may disregard the normal character training the Lord Jesus has for them, because of the overpowering presence of the gifting that God has bestowed upon them. A prophet must learn to submit to the character building of God, and be trained in being meek with their prophetic abilities.

Although a person may be called for a prophetic ministry, they might not have the character to sustain them in the specific arena their gift is made to function in. A true saying is this: Your gifting can take you where your character can’t keep you. Because of this, the training of the prophetic gift is essential to produce character and understanding of the nature of the gift and how it should correlate with your character. Action taken from Godly character brings glory to God. We must do the work of God His way!

A third area is that of supernatural experience and application. It is important for the prophet to have extensive Biblical training on supernatural experiences. This is to allow the prophet to easily move in experiential prophetic realm without going into doctrinal error.

The prophet must walk in doctrinal accuracy! The reason for this is that he must be able to refute and expose demonic doctrines and lies. A good way to gain doctrinal accuracy is to do an accredited theological degree. This can become a great part of the prophet’s aresenal to destroy the works of the enemy.