6 Reasons why we should judge prophecy

The Bible instructs that under the new covenant we should judge prophecy. This might come as strange to some people, but a healthy prophetic community is one that can accurately judge prophetic word. The Bible instructs us to judge ALL prophecy. No matter who gives it, no matter how many times they have been accurate or inaccurate. We are instructed to judge prophecy.

  1. The Bible instructs us to judge prophecies (1 Corinthians 14:29).
  2. Alongside the true, there will be false until the harvest time (Matthew 13:25-30).
  3. Prophets can be wrong or inaccurate without being false as was the case with Agabus (Acts 21:10-11 and Acts 21:27-22:29).
  4.  We must be able to handle and process the false so that we can discard it and receive the true.
  5. We need to have order in the church gatherings (1 Corinthians 14:33).
  6. We can act with conviction on the prophecies we have received and tested (Johan 10:27-30).

Judging prophecy brings a maturity in our prophesying. It helps us to grow in accuracy and in working effectively with the Holy Spirit. It also produces a healthy prophetic environment where manipulation and control is blocked by the spirit of prophecy. Remember that it is only in false prophetics that judging is shunned. Biblical prophetics is always judged and not elevated above the Bible and its teaching (which is the teaching of the Lord and full of life).