Assisting a Ministry or Organization Prophetically

It can be difficult to bring a prophetic ministry in to help another ministry. This can be especially daunting when the prophetic ministry is not well acquainted to the ministry they need to assist and if the expectation of assistance is not well defined.

Firstly it is important that the ministry receiving assistance need to be aware of the type of assistance they will be receiving. Will it be prayer, will it be advice or will it be prophetic word. In what form will this assistance be given and in what time frame. Discussing these things will help the ministry or organization to assimilate the guidance given. It is best to include those who make decisions and those who are crucial volunteers in this type of briefing.

Introducing the Team to the organization

When introducing the team that will assist in guiding the ministry or organization, it is best to introduce them into the environment of the organization or ministry. Depending on constraints on the ministry or organization it might be best to do this introduction in an informal setting. However it is most important that the setting be conducive to building relational trust. This trust would be beneficial as the prophetic team does not always have jurisdiction in the arena where the other is operating and need this trust to ensure that their guidance is considered in the best light possible.

Guidelines for the prophetic team

  1. Faults should not consume your thoughts as you pray and prophesy. Don’t be negative. Prophecy from the perspective of the Lord. Remember that He has an agenda with each ministry and you represent Him and His agenda.
  2. Look out for demonic onslaught against the ministry. This is usually manifest in specific areas as the assignment usually will attack a certain restricted space/sphere/person.
  3. Focus on what the Lord wants to do through the ministry.
  4. Build good relationships with the leaders.
  5. Bring practical solutions from God’s provision
  6. Disperse the provision of the Lord for the ministry
  7. Think again before prophesying destruction on what the Lord wants to build and strengthen.

Prayer and Prophecy Tips

A lack of spiritual blessing is usually the effect of a spiritual blockage. Through prayer and prophecy you should barrage this blockage until it crumbles. Pray and prophesy according to the provision the Lord has made for the ministry, especially if it is being withheld.

Remember to inquire of the Lord concerning this as it may also be a decision of the Lord to withhold such provision in the current season. In such a case the prophet will be well able to guide the ministry into a position of provision.

Areas to look out for when assessing a ministry

  1. Physical Provision
  2. Demonic onslaught
  3. Skill level and competence
  4. Sin and its consequences
  5. Spiritual provision
  6. Key persons

Guidance Feedback

Preferably guidance should be given in a written form. This will help the organization or ministry to implement the different aspects covered in the report over time. It will also help them to assess, confirm and reject certain recommendations and observations. To complete the cycle and for debriefing purposes it would be good if the prophetic team would be able to receive a copy of this assessment. The assessment from the organization should be filed together with the guidance document that was assessed.

It would also be great if the organization could give feedback after implementation of the guidance over time. This should also be filed with the other documents. This can serve as testimonies and learning material.


When assisting a ministry or organization prophetically, it is important that communication should be clear and concise. A letter of services rendered should be requested from the organization to ascertain the overall helpfulness of the service and to complete the communication on the guidance. This letter can be used later as a reference if the organization or ministry agrees to it. Their agreement to this use should also be filed for later use and confirmation with all documentation from this client.