Prophetic Values

Values are what should govern your prophetic ministry. Here is a list of prominent values that you can integrate into your personal and corporate prophetics. When looking at this list you should understand why each value is important. Understanding the importance will help you to grasp the weight of the value. Values should be integrated into our daily prophetics and should not only be a list of “good-to-haves.” Values help us make decisions and can form a solid foundation for good prophetics.

  1. Should be Biblical
  2. Should comfort, edify and exhort
  3. Should build the church
  4. Should bring God’s people closer together
  5. Should promote submission to God
  6. Should reflect God’s agenda
  7. Should be pure
  8. Should be orderly
  9. Should be unifying
  10. Should promote love, hope and faith
  11. Should root out evil
  12. Should encourage holiness
  13. Should be accessible
  14. Should be recorded
  15. Should be stored
  16. Should be judged
  17. Should promote truth
  18. Should be shared
  19. Should be talked about
  20. Should be knowledgable

To understand these values, ask yourself why each of these are important. Which one is the most important and which one is the least important for you. Why would you say so?

Some ways that we can apply these values

  1. Prophecy should always be judged, no matter who gives it
  2. When giving prophecy, there must be a third party. Don’t give prophecy one-on-one.
  3. Test your prophetic word yourself. Does it really reflect your prophetic values?
  4. Write down your prophetic words
  5. Read Bible to learn to discern the Lord’s voice
  6. Explain the prophetic to people in a simple way.
  7. Talk about your prophetic experiences and what they mean
  8. Help people to interpret their dreams and visions
  9. Think how you would feel receiving the word that you are giving
  10. Pray through prophetic word
  11. Honor leadership by supporting them
  12. Pray with other saints
  13. Don’t mayor on minors
  14. Be forgiving
  15. Help others to understand how prophecy works
  16. Read recommended books about the prophetic

As you can see the values will allow us to build a stronger prophetic culture in our own personal lives and the lives of the corporate body. Start today by identifying what you value most in the prophetic. Then start to add to your values. When these values become core to your prophetics, you can be sure that you are building for the long run.